Written Nightmares 2: Gubat

Release Date

December 5,2011

Distributed by

BGT Films


Horror, Suspence



Grace (Aoi Fujisaki) is a rich lady that doesn't know anything about her family's business trouble. Her cousin Joy (Gabryel Ryan) know what's their families trouble since she works at the company but disagree to tell Grace the truth.One night Grace heard a noise outside their house but ignored it until she saw some fires everywhere. She wakes up she's in a forest far away from their home though she saw that her parents Ronaldo (Leonardo Batungbakal) and Teresa (Gabriella Silang) but the only thing she doesn't understand is who the one who kidnapped them and take them to the forest. Is it the loan sharks? A ghost? or is it a monster?


  • Aoi Fujisaki as Grace
  • Gabryel Ryan as Joy
  • Melanie Javier as Jody
  • Sam Henderson as Joseph
  • Leo Madrigal as Joshua
  • Leonardo Batungbakal as Ronaldo
  • Grace Santiago as Jocelyn
  • Gabriella Silang as Teresa
  • Sarah Walter as Marie
  • Yna Maysas Ericka
  • Eunice Hyland' as Krystal
  • Queenie Zamora as Wilma
  • Olivia Ybarra as Anita