After Life (2012 TV series)

Airing Date

February 27,2012-June 22,2012

Total Episode





Horror, Drama

Followed By

Eternal Love

High school girl Mika Cruz (Hannah Jasent) has the ability to see if someone is about to die. One day she saw two young man Hiro Angeles and Sid Li are killing some dog but not a normal dog. Later she found out that Hiro and Sid are already dead and just working for some organization called D.D.P. (department of dead people) to be rebirth.

After Life (2012 TV series)Edit

  • Hannah Jasent as Mika Cruz
  • Hiro Matsumoto as Hiro Angeles
  • Liu Yi as Sid Li / Li Wei

Supporting Cast

  • Manuel Angeles as Bekko
  • Larry Li as Tony
  • Ronnie Lee as Chen Sy
  • Jazmin Ortega as Corrine Ybarra/Eunice
  • Kris Dalton as Derrick Alvarez
  • Hannah Hyland as Shinna Valdez
  • Richard Smith as Zen Isidro
  • Gabryel Ryan as Tonie Torres
  • Chad Sterling as Chad Rivera
  • Kristopher Kuga as Red Santiago
  • Nathan Burnhurst as Greg
  • Lorraine Rivera as Kayla
  • Richard Nelson as L
  • Victor Jimenez as Henry
  • Erickson Gomez as Ynigo
  • Henry San Diego as Sonny
  • Francesca Garcia as Carmela
  • Ivo Santiago as Claudio “Cloud”
  • Eliza Pineda as Nadia
  • Erick Isidro as Yumi
  • Levi Anderson as Otsu Sawatari

Guest Cast

  • Hana Mays as Lily